Hot Rod Multimedia Sculpture

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Rick spent five years building this original multimedia sculpture which was inspired by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and the Kustom Car Kulture of the 1960's.

The chassis is constructed of a metal beach cruiser seat bracket. The coupe is made from part of a repurposed wooden guitar case. The back wheels come from a vintage 1940's vacuum cleaner. The front wheels come from a vintage 1957 Chevy Mattel Barbie car prototype. There are hundreds of various parts that combine to create a "cold fusion" engine. Many custom wire details abound, as does an adjustable dental mirror that acts as the driver's side view mirror. The interior features custom upholstery that came from a vintage punk rock belt and repurposed leather from a guitar case as well as custom upholstery nails.

Inside the car sits Rat Fink, who's made from a vintage wooden pear that Rick painted with his initials, "R.F." His head is constructed from vintage dental molds, inside of which sits his oversized tongue that Rick sculpted from polymer clay and painted and shellacked. The eyeball came from a vintage doll and sits inside a vintage radio dial. For added effect, signature flies buzz around Rat Fink's head. 

Series 2010. 13" H x 11" W x 21" D. This piece is available for viewing and acquisition at The Dark Art Emporium Gallery in Long Beach, CA. To schedule a viewing, please email