Zombie Robot Multimedia Sculpture

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Zombie Robot, an original multimedia sculpture, was inspired by the TV show, The Walking Dead. Though Rick's version of a zombie does not eat flesh, rather, he eats vintage tin can pull tops he finds on the side of the road while walking to work.

This piece features a body made from a vintage sprinkler and kitchen sink drainer. The legs and feet are made from repurposed, vintage gas can spouts. The arms and hands are constructed of various metal and electronic parts. The lunchbox is a vintage cast-resin piece. His head is made from a metal electronic box and an aluminum funnel. The eyeball is made from a burned out light bulb set into a metal found object. He sits on a vintage wooden base that Rick customized with vintage upholstery tacks.

Series 2013. 23" H x 13" W x 13" D. This piece is available for viewing and acquisition at The Dark Art Emporium Gallery in Long Beach, CA. To schedule a viewing, please email jeremy@darkartemporium.com.