Superfly Multimedia Sculpture - 8" X 14" X 10"

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Superfly is one of Rick's most detailed multi-media sculptures and was inspired by his fascination with insects and aliens. He possesses a light-hearted, playful spirit. Kinetic in nature, Superfly is very flexible and has a bit of bounce to him. This piece is part of Rick's Shamanism And The 5 Sacred Elements series and is symbolic of the element of air.

He's constructed of steel wire armature, and his body is embellished with nuts and bolts that are bound with wire. His legs and arms are shaped with up-cycled guitar strings. His hands are fashioned from steel wire, guitar strings, and cotton string that's been treated with wax.

His feet are made of vintage tent material, and rope that's been treated with wax. Each foot is weighted with 7 British pound coins. He's wearing a "kilt" made of sea-glass foraged from the shore in Long Beach and is intricately detailed with wire.

He has two sets of wings; one pair that consists of re-purposed brass angel wings that sit at the base of his neck, and a second, larger pair, that are made of up-cycled iridescent stained glass. Rick sculpted his head and face using polymer clay and steel that he treated with iridescent acrylic paint. He has glass taxidermy lion's eyes. 

Series 2014. Dimensions: 8" W x 14" H x 10" D.