Kachina Dog Multimedia Sculpture - 6" X 7" X 3"

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This is one of Rick's most recent sculptural creations. It was inspired by the time he spent in Santa Fe, New Mexico, during his residency in 2017.

The body of this whimsical piece is constructed of steel, brass, and copper wire, and is adorned with African turquoise, vintage African trade beads, and various found objects, as well as a sterling silver tag that's stamped with a Native American symbol, which he found on the ground while strolling through the plaza.

His eyes and nose are fashioned from vintage buttons and his mouth from vintage African seed beads. His ears, whiskers, and tail are made of various springs, and his paws, of costume jewelry findings.

Series 2017. Dimensions: 6" H x 7" L x 3" W.