Bernie Sanders Portrait

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This portrait was inspired by Senator Bernard "Bernie" Sanders because he's always been on the right side of history -- even when his policies weren't popular. Forward Together is a statement of unification that rings true for millions of Americans who refuse to settle for a broken system that only benefits the 1%. It's a movement that's multigenerational, multiracial, transcends gender, class, and religion, and addresses the climate crisis head-on. Series 2020. Black ink on cold-pressed, eco-friendly, heavyweight archival paper. 6" W x 9" L. Ships worldwide. 


In 2015, Bernie began a political revolution. One that was an uphill battle from the very beginning. The Sanders campaign has never accepted money from billionaires or corporations. Instead, it's solely funded by the working-class Americans who are the backbone of this country. Learn more and support the movement here.