The Embrace Drawing

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The original Embrace drawing is in the collection of the artist and his wife. Prints featuring this image are available here.

This drawing was created for Rick's wife, Kim, as a gift (way back in 2015). Two years later, Rick and Kim sold all but their most precious of possessions and set off to travel full-time. For 4 years they were on the road, then they returned to their hometown of Long Beach, California, in the fall of 2021 to build a tiny house.

After settling in, Kim retrieved two boxes that had been stored in her son's garage for safekeeping while she and Rick roamed. She brought them back to the tiny house to unpack and came across this drawing. Rick shared it on his Instagram as a throwback, and requests for prints started pouring in. So, he decided to make it available as a fine art print for those feeling the vibes of The Embrace, which was inspired by the sweetness of love, and the beauty of nature. Series 2015.