Extinction Rebellion Drawing

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This drawing is Rick's representation of the divine spirit of Mother Earth. She is embodied by an indigenous woman wearing a ceremonial war bonnet. It is meant to remind us that Indigenous cultures worldwide have repeatedly shown us how to live in harmony with nature. We don't inherit the Earth to do with what we please; we only get to borrow it from future generations. Series 2022. 9" W x 12" L. Black ink on eco-friendly, cold-pressed, heavyweight archival paper. Ships worldwide.


This image came to me while in a deep meditative state. I envisioned trees made of feathers with birds flying out of a mythical feather tree forest. They carried a message into the collective consciousness: wake up before it's too late. The eyes of the feather trees are symbolic of the eyes of future generations. They are watching this moment in history very intently, wondering if we will succeed in doing the right thing. Mother Earth's hair is represented by blue flowing water, the element that gives life to every living thing on this planet. Finally, the band on the war bonnet has a phoenix rising and an hourglass symbol, which represent an opportunity for redemption and a finite amount of time in which to course correct.