Collaborating with others to bring a particular vision to life is something I’m passionate about. The opportunity to co-create deeply inspires me and presents a unique opportunity to make art that is timeless and holds special meaning. Interested in commissioning an original work of art? Read on for more details and images of recent commission pieces, or simply inquire here.


Portraits make meaningful gifts for the ones you love (or for yourself!), and are heirloom pieces that truly stand the test of time. I start by using a favorite photo of your preferred subject as the inspiration and foundation for the portrait. From there, a sketch is made and details added. Some of the options for portraiture include:

    • People- individuals, couples, groups, tribute drawings of a loved one who has passed, and special occasions (ie- wedding, birthday, graduation, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.)
    • Pets- individual or multiple pets drawn together for any reason/any occasion
    • People and pets combined
    • Portrait of self, loved-one or inspirational icon with quote

Logo + Media Design:

There's no better way to visually communicate a message than by utilizing custom artwork designed to make a lasting impact. From logos, album and book covers, to signage, product + merch designs, and everything in between, I'd be happy to draw into existence anything you've been dreaming of to take your business to the next level.

How It Works: 

Contact me via email with your inquiry and please,

  • Specify commission type (ie- portrait, media design, tattoo, etc.)
  • If you have a specific size in mind, include your desired dimensions
  • If you have a budget for your piece, please specify price range
  • Include links for any inspirational images and ideas (this will help me begin bringing your vision to life).
  •  If you'd like to learn more about my extensive history with commission work, feel free to read client reviews, check out my CV, and view recent client commissions.

Inquire About Your Commission

Bird and Buddha Pet Portrait

Shana and Donna Pet Portrait