I'm super lucky to have the most amazing clients ever and I'm pleased to introduce you to some of them here. I hope that what they've shared about the work we do together inspires you, just as much as it moves me.

 Kamilah Shuaibe | Oakland, California


"What can I say about the magic of Rick? When I came to him with the concept for my logo for the She Win We Win movement, I sent him inspirational photos and the mission behind the work. Because he connected so well with what I was trying to do, he breathed life into this work of art. The draft alone brought me to tears. Rick was also so gracious with how he made suggestions. I am so very grateful for what he manifested for me. He has recommitted me to this work and gained a forever client."

Logo Design | She-Win-We-Win


Loubna | Bordeaux, France

Rick Frausto Fine Art Portrait Original Drawing Illustration Commission Client Loubna

Tribute Portrait | Lou's Grandmother

"I met Rick through mutual friends in 2014. As a lucky coincidence, we happened to travel in Fes Morocco, where most of my family comes from, at the same time. We invited Rick to a family lunch, and after the traditional Friday couscous, he made a portrait of my grandmother. He was able to capture her essence and amazing personality. We shared a beautiful and truly magical moment. The drawing was a special way to remember this communion and my beautiful grandmother. I’m so thankful for Rick and his art." 

Sharon & Kevin O'Neill | St. Louis, Missouri 

Rick Frausto Fine Art Family Home Original Drawing Architectural Illustration Commission Client Sharon And Kevin Oneill

Family Home Drawing | #2 Shaw Place

"We commissioned Rick to create a portrait of our beautiful home in St. Louis, Missouri. The elevation drawing he presented was a great success and we admire it everyday as a faithful representation of our house. Rick is able to express through his pen, our love and admiration for our brick home, even down to the aged walnut tree in the back yard. We recommend Rick's work to those patrons who appreciate the dedication to his craft. Rick's work displays his understanding of detail, that creates a vision and evokes emotion, which is the essence of Art. We admire his professionalism, his talent, his humility, and his Love for Life and Art."

Cat Carson | Long Beach, California

Rick Frausto Fine Art Pet Portrait Original Drawing Illustration Commission Client Cat Carson Chris Pee

Pet Portrait | Circe Tribute

"Circe was my first Harlequin Great Dane and was the love of my life. At 7 years old, she was diagnosed with bone cancer, and on the day when the pain was too much for Circe to bare, and we knew we had to let her go, our beautiful friend Rick asked if he could come and say goodbye. A month later he texted me to ask if he could pop in to check on us. When he arrived, Rick presented us with a stunning portrait of of Circe that he'd hand drawn. I instantly broke into tears. It was one of the kindest things anyone has done for us. To this day, that portrait fills me with so much love every time I look at it. It reminds me of how blessed we were to have had such a beautiful soul share our lives for 7 short years, as well as how grateful we are to have such an amazing friend like Rick in our lives." 

Cheryl Christensen-Bennett, Founder & Executive Director - Broylesville Archives & Museum | Broylesville, Tennessee

Rick Frausto Fine Art Architectural Illustration Original Drawing Logo Design Commission Cheryl Christensen Bennett Broylesville

Logo Design | Broylesville Archives & Museum 

"Dear Rick, I cannot thank you enough for creating such a perfect pen and ink drawing of our historical gristmill. I gave copies to my family to commemorate our ancestors who settled in the area in 1783 and built the first mill. Your work brought them so much joy. Professionally, we use your image on all our 501(c)(3) nonprofit’s correspondence, such as communicating with the state government and other historical organizations, as well as thank you cards for individuals and the press. Not only has your artwork earned us untold compliments, but its eye-catching and unique nature helps us forge an unforgettable link in the public’s mind between our nonprofit, the mill, and our mission. THANK YOU for the work you do!!" 

Teneya Fuentes | Los Angeles, California

Rick Frausto Fine Art Tattoo Design Commission Client Teneya Fuentes

Tattoo Design Based On
Multimedia Sculpture The Ticker

"When I walked into Rick's studio several years ago, I immediately noticed his sacred heart sculpture, The Ticker. I always loved Rick's work - so inspired and different - this piece spoke to me. The detail was amazing. My favorite part is that it actually ticked! I never forgot how much I loved it, and a few years later I decided to take it to a tattooer to see how it would translate as a tattoo. He sketched it out and sent it to me. I loved it, so I made the appointment and took the plunge. I am so happy I did. Everyone who sees it stops me to talk about it. Just like Rick's actual sculpture, it is so unique and detailed."


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