Mauka Necklace, Kauai Collection

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The exquisite Mauka Necklace is one-of-a-kind and features our signature soft strand design that's hand-woven using a proprietary process which gives it a sumptuous feel and is incredibly strong, yet super lightweight.

Fashioned from vintage Japanese hand-dyed indigo, the soft strand is detailed with indigo threads and hand-hewn brass rings. Suspended from the rings are special stones that Kim and Rick collected on one of their many beach walks in Kauai. The sea stones are attached to the rings with crimson hued, waxed hemp filaments accented with brass details. The stones are treated with a proprietary process using wax to preserve and protect the stones.

The indigo strand is attached to a string of black lava beads that are strung through hand-knotted black hemp cord. The lava beads have a lovely, cooling effect against the skin. The necklace is completed with a sea stone + sea glass pendant. Sea glass also found while walking the beach. Slips on. 20.5" long. Pair with our Mauka Earrings to round out the look.